Service Rates


 Data Backup to Removable Media $25.00 First 4Gb ($10.00 each additional Gb)
 Barebone System Assembly (with parts purchase) $30.00
 Barebone System Assembly (without parts purchase) $60.00
 Operating System Installation (OS, Drivers, and AntiVirus Only) $70.00
 Operating System Installation with Data Backup (OS, Drivers, and AntiVirus Only) $90.00
 DC Jack Replacement in Laptop $100.00
 Internal Part Install – Desktop $20.00
 Basic Data Recovery $80.00 and up
 Motherboard Replacement – Laptop $100.00 plus Parts
 Motherboard Replacement – Desktop $50.00 plus Parts
 Virus Removal $60.00
 On Site After Hours Repair $90.00 per Hour + Service Call (One Hour Minimum)
 On Site Hourly Diagnosis $40.00 per Hour + Service Call (One Hour Minimum)
 On Site Hourly Repair Services $60.00 per Hour + Service Call (One Hour Minimum)
 On Site Hourly Consultation $40.00 per Hour + Service Call (One Hour Minimum)
 Service Call $1.00 per mile 1 way ($5.00 Minimum)
 PC Maintenance and Tune Up $40.00
 RAM Installation $10.00
 Analysis and Diagnostics $20.00 (Applied towards repair cost if repair is chosen)
 Pick Up or Delivery $10 + $0.85 / Mile one-way
 In Home Computer Setup Refer to On-Site Repairs
 Networking Labor (Wired or Wireless) Refer to On-Site Repairs
 Drop-Off Hourly $40.00 / Hour
 Drive Installation $15.00 Plus Parts
 Hard Drive Data Transfer $35.00+
 Software Install* $10.00 / Title
 Web Site Design Please Call

* Rob's PC Solutions can only install software that can be verified by the customer to be legit.
Customers must provide all required Software Media and Product Keys / Serial Numbers.
** Free Analysis and Diagnostics are valid for drop-off services only.

Definitions of Services:

PC Maintenance and Tune-Up:
Your system will be scanned for Viruses, Spy-Ware, Mal-Ware, Ad-Ware and any other bloat ware.  The Windows registry will be scanned for errors.  Disk Drives will be tested for proper operation.  System Drives will be scanned for file system structure and stability.  Computer RAM will be tested. System will be optimized to allow for faster boot times and overall operation.  Windows Updates will also be applied unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Installation of Windows:
Windows will either be installed in a new (clean) installation or a repair installation method depending upon situation at hand.  Windows will be updated with all current updates unless otherwise specified by the customer.  All device drivers will be installed.  Software installation is NOT included with the installation of Windows.

Analysis and Diagnostics:
Your system will be looked over and tested to determine the root cause of the issue you are experiencing.  You will receive an estimate for repairs upon completion.

Data Restore:
We all value our family photos.  In the event that your system drive fails or becomes corrupt we will attempt to recover files from your hard drive.  Due to the nature of this process we cannot guarantee any specific results. Rob's PC Solutions will not be held liable for loss of data on any computer device. 

Pick-Up or Delivery:
We will arrange for your computer to be picked up and/or delivered at your convenience.  This service is a per trip charge (1 for pick up, 1 for delivery).

In-Home Computer Setup:
We will physically setup your new system in your home and test for proper operations, activate windows, and configure the initial startup.  This service includes the installation of up to 2 software titles and 1 printer or other external device.

We will run all the cables or install wireless adapters to provide file, printer, multimedia, and internet sharing.  Advanced services are also available.

On-Site Services:
To tired at the end of the day, to busy, or worried about all of the wires that hook to your computer. We can provide most of our services at your home or business. Please call to set an appointment for a technician to come to your home or office.

Drop-Off Hourly Services:
Some services cannot be completed within our On-Site Services program.  These services and any other services without explicit pricing will be billed at the Drop-Off rate.  Pick-up/Delivery Service items fall into this category of billing.

Drive Installation:
We will physically install, test, and configure your new drive.  No software or operating system installations are included in this service.

Hard Drive Transfer:
If you upgrade your hard drive but want to keep your existing settings and configurations this is the option for you.  We will create a duplicate copy of your old hard drive onto your new drive. Price depends on overall size of data transfer.

RAM Installation:
You just purchased that RAM upgrade now you need to install it.  If you are not comfortable putting your hands into your computer we will install it for you.  This process is very quick and is FREE with your purchase from Rob's PC Solutions.

Software Installation:
If you need that new program installed let us help.  We can install any program you have for you.  You must provide the original installation media and any original required key codes (photocopies not accepted).

Laptop DC Jack Repair:
Many laptops are being dropped now days.  If your laptop power blinks or does not work at all let us help.  We will completely dis-assemble your laptop, remove/repair your existing DC Jack and install your new/repaired DC Jack, and finally re-assemble your laptop.

Web Site Design:
Do you need to get your business on-line.  Increase your overall sales and your known image with a new web site.  We can create anything from basic business card sites to full blown e-commerce with content management systems. Call for an appointment to determine your needs.